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Join the Campaign!


The LAA is currently targeting the NSW government and asking for:

  • Detailed information about public lymphoedema services eg staffing, times and referral options to be made available on the NSW Health website and Cancer Institute’s CanRefer website.

  • The NSW Minister for Health make available adequate funding to ensure 84.5 full time equivalent lymphoedema therapist positions within lymphoedema services across Local Health Districts on a population basis.


The Lymphoedema Action Alliance is in full support of the Cancer Council NSW's Saving Life 2019 Campaign.

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In the lead up to the March 2019 election, Cancer Council is calling on the next NSW Government to commit to reduce the impact of cancer in our communities by protecting workers and patrons from second-hand smoke in pubs and clubs, banning tobacco vending machines and introducing a tobacco retail licence fee, removing junk food marketing from government owned property, and funding public lymphoedema services across NSW. 

We are delighted to see lymphoedema included as one of their top priorities. Please support Cancer Council NSW in their campaign to help increase lymphoedema services.

Help us take the next steps towards a cancer free future by adding your name to the Saving Life 2019 campaign today.

Read more about the Saving Life 2019 Campaign.

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Tell Us Your Story

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The Lymphoedema Action Alliance is targeting local media in your area.


Put your hand up to contact your local newspaper and feature and fight for services in your area! We are looking for people to tell their story about their difficulties getting access to treatment. If not yourself, you may have a friend or family member who can lend a hand to the campaign.



                                    by email to tell us your story.

Contact Your MP

MP Visit Example 1.jpg 2015-10-18-19:33:

Your local Member of Parliament is there for you! That's why we are asking you to contact your MP to let them know about the campaign. Check out our template documents and briefing papers in our Resources section.


Arrange a visit to your MP:

1. Contact your local MP to request a meeting.

2. You may want to pair up with a local lymphoedema therapist - Contact us if you need help finding someone to pair up with!

3. Take along the Campaign Brochure and Briefing Paper as support material.

4. Don't forget to take a picture with the MP during your visit. Send it to us via email or post it on the Lymphoedema Action Alliance Facebook Page!


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